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How it feels to pass your driving test and throw away those L plates!
Driving Test Successes and Pupil Reviews

"I really enjoyed every minute of my lessons with Mike. He is unshakeably calm and patient - however many times you stall! Not only is he great at his job but we had a real laugh along the way - thank you Mike for putting up with me! With his help I passed my test after just 6 weeks of lessons which I think is a credit to his ability as a driving instructor. Thank you Mike for making my lessons so memorable and enjoyable! Learning has never been so much fun." - Isobel - 1st time pass - clean sheet!

Isobel - 1st time pass - NO faults

Reuben - 1st time pass

Kieran - clean sheet


"Having taken a few very nervous lessons 14 years ago I approached learning to drive at 33 with real fear. But in my first lesson with Mike I found a confidence that I had never had before. With his careful instruction I suddenly felt in control of the car and realised for the first time that I didn't need to worry. Learning with Mike was an absolute pleasure. He kept the lessons varied and fun and had an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when to push me. In no time at all I felt completely confident. By the time of the test I was more than ready for it. I passed first time, after just two weeks of intensive driving lessons. Mike was simply excellent - and he helped me keep my lessons as a surprise for the missus. Brilliant!" - Ben - 1st time pass - 3 minors

"Mike is an excellent instructor, who no matter what mistakes you make will find something positive about the situation to keep you feeling good about yourself. Thanks to Mike I passed first time, and now feel like I can actually drive rather than just pass the driving test. Mike is very friendly and makes you feel relaxed about driving, and would adapt the driving lessons to your needs. I would recommend him to anyone! " - Sean - 1st time pass - 3 minors

"I returned to driving lessons after a 13 year gap! I was a little anxious as to how I would get on after such a long break. Mike made me feel at complete ease and was so supportive in my ambition to pass my test by a certain date. As one of his older students I never felt embarrassed to say I don't understand or ask him what felt like silly questions for a 31 year old to be asking! He explained things in a way that I could understand and was always patient if unsure. We shared many laughs on our lessons which added to the whole experience. I would definitely recommend Mike as your future driving instructor." - Jennifer - 1st time pass - 2 minors

Katie - clean sheet driving test pass - NO faults! Charlie - passed the SAT NAV trial version of the driving test

"I believe MSM is a brilliant driving school; this is because Mike adapts the lessons to the specific driver and makes use of the great range of resources he has such as his iPad and the online progress report. I wanted to pass as soon as possible and Mike let me do this by helping me through the course quickly. It would recommend Mike to any learner and the slightly higher price should not put you off as you get outstanding value for money." - Steve - 1st time pass

"Mike is a fantastic driving instructor:) I really enjoyed my lessons and he was SO patient with me:) I would definitely recommend him to anyone, he made my lessons enjoyable and he was really calm as well as always being encouraging:) Thank you so much Mike! " - Fiona - 1st time pass

Rosie - 1st time driving test pass

Charlotte - 1st time pass

"This driving school is awesome!!! Mike as an instructor is so relaxed and calm that it makes the lessons fun and go really quickly. You are never pressured into anything, and you have a say in how or what you do in the lessons. Thanks so much Mike for helping me pass so quickly! :)" - Faye - 1st time pass - 2 minors

"Mike is a great driving instructor. He was always very patient with me and was always encouraging me throughout my lessons. The driving experience I had off road at the start with Mike boosted my confidence a lot as I got over all my initial fears. He never forced me to do anything if I didnt feel ready. I ended up really looking forward to my test as I felt ready and confident and Mike helped me to pass within just 5 months! Thank you Mike! " - Kirstie - 1st time pass - 5 minors

Alex - 1st time pass

Emilia - 1st time pass

"I cannot thank Mike enough in helping me to pass my driving test!! Mike taught me a lot in a short amount of time, and am very grateful in being able to use everything he has taught me for the future. I would 100% recommend MSM as a drivng school. He is professional, patient and he will definatley be teaching my sister to drive!! " - Holly

"As an ex police officer my husband had seen the tragic consequences of young drivers who had just been taught to 'pass their test'. We wanted an instructor who would teach our son to 'drive'. Mike Ward exceeded our expectations and quickly established an excellent rapport with our son Sam. Mike takes his responsibilities very seriously and we received regular updates and feedback. As a result Sam is already a competent and confident driver who is about to complete the Pass Plus course with Mike " - Sam

"After completing an intensive course with M.S.M driving school, I am now a very safe and confident driver. The instructor was extremely patient and told me when I was doing things well which really helped to boost my confidence. I would definitely recommend M.S.M driving school to anyone who wants to learn in a short amount of time at the highest standard possible with patient and encouraging instructors. " - Hollye

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